January Jamboree Progess

My aim is to play face-to-face games everyday through January.  January is pretty much a holiday month in Australia and the height of summer, so plenty of people are around on holidays.

Have just completed 14 days and everything is looking good to take me through to Jan 28.

It has been a mix of playing with regular gamers and introducing family and friends to games.

45 games, (3.2 per day)
10 new games. Orleans has been added to my collection.

44 players (wow)
20 new players I have met – Yay!
5 newbies I have introduced to games

Dates that need filling

Jan 28 – a nibble
Jan 29 – open
Jan 30 – waiting for confirmation
Jan 31 – open

Games played Jan 1 - Jan 14

Games played Jan 1 – Jan 14