Family Games Hire


Looking for something different to do?

Good old fashioned fun. The whole family and friends around the table playing a game together with no phones or iPads. Interesting and entertaining board games for all ages. From grandchildren to grandparents.

Want to have a family game night but over Monopoly?

We have over 200 titles in our library. Our selection of games are more about fun and less about luck; Just as much fun for adults as the kids.

Choose from our wide range that cover dexterity, party, words, thinking, story telling, memory and spatial.

Some are as short as 5 mins; most run for 30 – 60 mins, and some heavier games that go for more than an hour.

We teach you; it only takes a few minutes to learn how to play.

How does a game session work?

  • Players can be aged 6 and up (a supervising adult must be present for the young ones)
  • Over 15+ different Board games are chosen. ( Not all games are necessarily played)
  • The “Games Leader” teaches everyone the game and participates if required.
  • Sessions run 1 or 2hrs
  • Cost $150 for 1 hr or $200 for 2 hrs
  • Pay by PayPal/Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash .

What you provide

  • Table with chairs for each player
  • Child supervision
  • 1-8 players (Contact us to discuss different number of players)

When you book we will ask…..

  • How many players?
  • What are the ages?
  • Any special requirements?
  • Date, Time, Address

Currently, this is only available in Melbourne, Australia but contact us if you are from somewhere else as you never know where we might pop up.

Call Kerrin on 0425 153090 or Contact page

Past Activities

  • Family Games Afternoon or Evening (families, friends and neighbours)
  • Birthday parties
  • Games Club at local Library
  • Groups in confined spaces, eg hospital
  • School Holiday Programs
  • Library Activity Day
  • After School or Lunch Time

What they said………

“Our kids said “Loved it, when can we do it again?” Both parents adored every minute and would have you over every Friday for the rest of our lives. Thank you very much for taking the time to come. We have bought some games so we can play when you are not here!!!”
“Over 50 students participated in the lunch time activity held in the high school library. The games were very popular across all year levels. The event was a great success.”

 25 – Life lessons you can learn in almost any board game:

  1. Keep the competitive edge;  never give up.
  2. Patience.
  3. Concentration and remain focused.
  4. Respect for rules and ethics.
  5. Plan ahead.
  6. Stay a step ahead (or more) of your opponents.
  7. Analyse your options.
  8. Every move counts, and has consequences.
  9. Make good choices to use what you have wisely.
  10. Don’t be too greedy.
  11. Stay out of danger.
  12. Deal with intense pressure.
  13. Win some, lose some; keep your dignity.
  14. Defend yourself against your opponent.
  15. LUCK (Labor Under Correct Knowledge) increases your chances of winning, not gambling luck.
  16. Game taken too seriously, like life, can lead to stress or worse.
  17. Think before taking chances; they can get you into more trouble.
  18. Think outside of the box.
  19. Good sportsmanship.
  20. Manage money wisely (relevant to some games)
  21. Think twice before you move and speak.
  22. Some people cheat; don’t give cheaters a chance; stay alert.
  23. When odds are not in your favour, you can still turn the game around; NEVER GIVE UP.
  24. A bad decision and move can be fatal.
  25. To win the game sometimes you have to sacrifice something of value. The higher level you want to go, the more sacrifice you may have to make.

DIY Game Hire for VIP Customers, – Hire Popular Party Packs

Party Pack #1 – $40 (weekend) + Shipping

A great selection of party games to guarantee fun and laughter

A great selection of party games to guarantee fun and laughter

  • Telestrations 12 Player or 8 Player
  • Times Up: Title Recall
  • Kaleidos
  • Cards Against Humanity (R rated) plus First Expansion  or Apples to Apples Junior (Family safe – no offensive words)
  • All these games can play up to 12 people
  • Quick to learn
  • Fun to play
  • Your guests will want to play again


Party Pack #2  – $40 (weekend) + Shipping
Dexterity games suitable for grandkids to grand parents
  • Animal upon Animal
  • Loopin Louie
  • Boom Boom Balloon
  • Toc Toc Woodman

Party Pack #3 – $40
Classics – suitable for grandkids to grand parents

  • Ker Plunk
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Flippin’ Frogs
  • Stay Alive

Pick your titles from our Library – POA 

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