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January Jamboree 2015 Report

JanuaryOn Jan 8th I realised  I had played games every day since Jan 1. I knew #TimCon was coming up (Jan 11 – 18) and #CanCon (Jan 24 – Jan 26) so I had this crazy idea to play games every day in January. This might seem like an easy task, but I live alone (as a house sitter). To play a game I must attend an organized meetup or arrange for people to have me over to play games. People who have live in players don’t know how lucky they are 🙂

Only games played face-to-face with others were counted. No solo plays. Digital plays not included. I didn’t do anything different other than try to organise a playdate to fill any gaps on the calendar. I didn’t set out to play more unique games, or more people. I played what came along or who became available.

The Stats Summary

45 Games / 96 plays / 17 New Games
85 People / 34 New people
18 Unique Locations / 7 Public Events / 11 Private Homes

Over the 31 days, I played 45 different titles, of which, 17 were new to me. This totaled 96 plays. Some of these plays were short fillers, others meaty euros and a mixture of party games.

Average 3 games per day. How lovely! 🙂

The Best Part

85 people played games with me!!!! Of those, 34 I met for the first time. Wow! …….and of those 34, some have joined my board game family. Yay!
I really appreciate everyone’s support to fill a date I had available and everyone I played with. I love our hobby and the people I meet.

Next time

Things I will do differently next time….

  • Adjust the dates to run Dec 26 – Jan26 (or end of CanCon)
  • Take a photo of everyone I played a game with

Detailed Stats

January 2015 has been the highest so far. High values in Aug 2014, Jun 2014, Jan 2014, Nov 2013 are due to attending conventions. This data comes from .

Plays by Month since I started recording plays

Plays by Month since I started recording plays. Red – new games, Blue – distinct, Green – total plays.

The discrepancies are this data is pulled from my BGG profile and is based on plays I have logged. Some marked as First plays, I have played before I started recording plays.


Plays for Kerrin Addis – January 2015

* New to me (not played before 1/1/2015)
Red text – In my Top 10

Game                                              Quantity         Expansions

Machi Koro                                                14         Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion
Agricola                                                        8
Mysterium                                                   7
*Spyfall                                                        5
Sushi Dice                                                    5
Timeline: Diversity                                     5
Castles of Mad King Ludwig                     3
*Dungeon of Mandom                              3
Rummikub                                                  3
Fields of Arle                                               2
Five Tribes                                                  2
*Grog Island                                               2
Incan Gold                                                  2
The Castles of Burgundy                          2
Time’s Up! Title Recall!                              2
*Balderdash                                               1
Belfort                                                        1
Colonia                                                       1
Concordia                                                  1
*CV                                                              1
Diamonds                                                  1
Dread Curse                                              1
*Elevenses                                                1
*Evolution                                                  1
Glen More                                                  1
*Hey, That’s My Fish!                                1
Istanbul                                                       1
*Jaipur                                                         1
*Kanban: Automotive Revolution           1
Kingdom Builder                                        1
*La Isla                                                         1
*Madeira                                                     1
*Murano                                                     1
Navegador                                                 1
*Orléans                                                    1
*Pairs                                                         1
Parade                                                       1
Red7                                                           1
*Royals                                                       1
Samarkand: Routes to Riches                 1
Say Anything                                              1
Splendor                                                     1
Sushi Go!                                                    1
*Telestrations: 12 Player Party Pack      1
Terra Mystica                                             1         Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice