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Agricola 55 pts – my best score ever

Finally I have managed a 50+ score! Wow, so excited. I usually score in high 30’s. This was a 3 player game with K deck. No drafting of cards. I started with Resource Seller, followed closely with Tinsmith, Market Women so I could get Clay Pit out. This gave me a great food engine of clay early on. I never struggled for food and didn’t have to eat any animals until late in the game.

  • Fields 4 pts
  • Pastures 3pts
  • Grain 4pts
  • Veg 4pts
  • Sheep 1pt
  • Boar 3pts
  • Cattle 1pt
  • Fenced Stables 2 pts
  • Family 15pts
  • Rooms 3x Stone 6pts
  • Bonus pts 12 (incl 5pts from the Constable)

Click image for closer look.

Agricola 55 pts